Any difference. between Submersion baptism and sprinkler water baptism? 


Good question. There is so much confusion on this vital subject. Many believe that there are different forms of baptism such as immersion, sprinkling and pouring. However, when we examine the word itself and the practice of baptism in the New Testament, we see that there is only one proper form of baptism as it applies to one being baptized in order to receive forgiveness of sins. Acts 2:36-38.

The word baptism comes from a Greek word, “baptizo”, which means to dip, submerge or immerse. The implication is clear. It means to immerse to complete submerge, to place under. The word has nothing to do with sprinkling or pouring.

One of the reasons for the confusion comes from the way the original word was translated. It was not actually translated but was transliterated, that is the Greek word was given and English form, baptizo became baptize. However, this did no good in helping to explain the real meaning of the word.

Even if we did not know the meaning of the word, the Scriptures make it clear that this is an immersion in water, not sprinkling or any other form. See Rom. 6:1-7, Acts 8:35-40, Col. 2:11-14, John 3:23.

If we are going to please God and submit in obedient faith to Him in order to receive forgiveness of sins, then we will be fully immersed in water as those were in the days of the apostles. I hope and pray that not only you but all who read this might be willing to act in this way. If you need further help, please let me know.

By Gary Hunt

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