If the name of Jesus is good enough to end a prayer with then why don’t people Baptize in his name? That is what the Apostles did. I can not find one person who was baptize in the name of the Father,Son and Holy Ghost can you. 


First, we do not have any record of the apostles, or anyone else, actually saying anything when they baptize an individual. What we should be most concerned about is, a person is baptized in conformity to the authority of Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit. That is, we should be baptized according to the purpose and direction given by the apostles’ teaching.

It was Jesus Himself who said that when we are baptized in the way He directs, this conforms to the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In other words, this conforms to the will of Deity. Mt. 28:18-20.

Then, it was ever who told the thousands of Jews to be baptized in the name of Jesus. Acts 2:37-38. Therefore, this is according to Jesus’ authority and would automatically be in line with the Father and Holy Spirit since they all agree, to cooperate and work together as one.

Finally, it was Paul who wrote that we should do all things in the name of Jesus. The way we act in our homes, at work or when we worship together is to be in the name of Jesus. Does that mean I am to say the name of Jesus whenever I am about to do something? Or, does it mean that in whatever I do, I should do it by the authority of Jesus, in line with His will. See Col. 3:17-4:6.

By Gary Hunt

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