Our society today ridules and abuses marriage. They accept divorce and remarriage as nothing. They say homosexuals can marry. Many churches even endorse divorce and remarriage when God says it is sinful. This study focuses on God’s teaching regarding what are lawful and unlawful marriages in His sight. If we are going to please Him, we will respect and follow His will in this and all things. Even if we have to leave an unlawful marriage without having the right to remarry according to God, we will do it seeking to serve and rejoice in Him. Let us carefully sutdy to see what God says about our present marriage situation to see if he will approve or condemen what society often says is OK. Since God is our creator and the creator of marriage, He is the one who knows what is best in all these matters.

Main Points of This Class

Lawful And Unlawful Marriages

  1. Origin of marriage
  2. God’s attitude toward marriage
  3. What is marriage?
  4. Does God recognize and approve all marriages?
  5. What are lawful marriages?
  6. What are unlawful marriages?

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By Gary Hunt


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