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How could there be so much confusion in thinking, teaching and practice regarding the church? We live in a world where hundreds if not thousands of organizations claim to either be Jesus’ one church or some part of His one church. Yet, when we read in the New Testament and compare what we see about how these churches are organized, worship and work, we see little resemblance to the apostles’ teaching. Could it be there that the root of all this confusion and promotion of error about the church is a misunderstanding of the meaning of the word church. Therefore, man has created false churches that do not conform to the meaning of church revealed in the apostles’ teaching. The church is of great important because Jesus will save only those who He adds to His one church.  Let us study to clearly gain the proper view of the meaning of church in the New Testament. Is Jesus’ one church a worldwide organization with a centralized headquarters composed of local churches? Or is it a body of bodies of local churches that teach and practice conflicting things like Baptist, Methodist or Presbyterian? Again, only the New Testament has the answer and our finding it is essential to us being saved.

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