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Many churches that claim to be following Christ insist they are only following the bible which provides Divine authority for all they do. However, it is obvious when we see differing teachings and practices among these denominations, we must conclude there must be great differences in how Divine authority is established. Also, among many churches of Christ, there is a wide variety of teachings and practices that differ from what we can read in the new Testament. Therefore, again we must conclude there are differences in how Divine authority is established and in attitudes that are held regarding authority such as whether God’s silence about a matter is permissive or restrictive. How do we establish Divine authority. The New Testament reveal four ways in which authority is expressed. Also, the Scriptures reveal that when God is silent about a matter, it is restrictive in nature not permissive. Finally, in matters of judgment, we are free to do things that are not specifically revealed in the New Testament only to the extent of carrying out a Divine command that has been revealed. Let us study together how divine authority is established so we do not go beyond it and follow lawlessness instead of the Word of God.

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