September 3, 2017 ()


Two subtle and hard to see errors underlie the changes in how local churches do their work and what work they do. These errors are institutionalism and the social gospel. Institutionalism is believing Jesus’ church is a working organization composed of local churches that must centralize oversight and funds to do its work. Therefore third party institutions are used to do the work of many local churches. Also, sponsoring “local” churches often assume oversight of work that many local churches fund. The social gospel is when a local church uses its facilities, funds and property to provide for the social desires of members and the world. Here, the work of intervals is made work of the local church taking emphasis off its spiritual priorities. Why are these errors wrong and how does the local church do its work? Is it wrong for Christians to be together in social activities? Let us study these errors in light of the apostles’ teaching rejecting what is false and practicing only what He has authorized.

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