February 12, 2017 ()


A few days before Jesus died for our sins, the chief priest and elders challenged His authority to teach in the Temple. Jesus in turn challenged them by asking whether the baptism of John was from heaven or from men. They refuse to answer Jesus because of their fear of the people and their disobedience to john’s baptism. Jesus refuses to answer them but tell them three parables in response to their challenging His authority. The second of these parables, the wicked vine-growers, reveals the continual hostile murderous rejection of God’s prophets and ultimately, Jesus, the Son of God, the Messiah. Although the majority of Jews reject the gospel, God extends the gospel invitation to humble Gentiles and Jews who are willing to obey His terms of pardon and the apostles’ teaching. Although rejected, God exalted Jesus to His right hand making Him the chief cornerstone, the foundation on which His church is built. It is useless to fight against Jesus who will ultimately eternally crush all opposition.

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