What does the bible say about domestic violence? if you are married to someone who is abusive, can you leave? Can you suggest some supportive scripture? 


As to this, I am sorry for your situation and others who may be suffering under the same conditions. It ought not to be that way. The Bible tells us plainly that a husband should lovingly provide for his wife while a wife should lovingly submit to her husband. Eph. 5:22-33. Too often though, this is not the case.

As to “domestic violence”, this does not describe the actions for what they are. These actions are, in most states if not all, crimes and are subject to the criminal penalties enacted for our protection and the punishment of those who are evil. Rom. 13:1-7. Rather than taking vengeance ourselves, we are to appeal to those authorities that God has entrusted to act on our behalf in these matters. Rom 12:14-21. This is what Paul did when his life was threatened by Jewish religious leaders. Acts 25:1-12.

Therefore, if you are threatened and physically attacked, even by family, you should appeal to the government for help and if needed, flee from the situation until it is addressed properly. Although you might need to flee for a time, this situation does not provide a just occasion for divorcing another. 1 Cor. 7:1-15. Although we may experience trials, we can rejoice if we are serving the Lord, even if we suffer. 1 Pet. 2:18-25. To be sure we are truly saved, we must submit to the Lord as He has directed. Mark 16:15-16, Acts 2:36-38, 42-47, 8:26-40.

Finally, a note to husbands who act in this manner, not only is it a criminal offence, but it is a spiritual offense that will separate them from God, if they continue in it. Matthew 7:11-12, 1 Pet. 3:1-7.

By Gary Hunt

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