The Most Important Question We Can Ask

Of all the questions that we can ask, this is ultimately the most significant one. However, before we can ask this one, we must ask and answer at least two other questions:

Although this question is so important to each human being, there are many answers given which do not reflect the truth that is revealed in the Bible. Rather than being based on the Scriptures, these answers are based on the ideas and traditions of men. To follow them is to lead us away from God rather than toward Him and the forgiveness of sins that He offers to all who truly obey Him.

In this section, we seek to expose some of the false answers given by those who claim to be teaching God’s will and also to reveal what the Scriptures teach on the subject of how we are to be saved. We lovingly encourage and challenge you to examine these things carefully in light of the importance of these answers to you and to all of us.

Articles In This Section

Some False Ways To Be Saved

The New Testament Teaching On How We Should Be Saved

By Gary Hunt


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