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Thank you for studying the Bible here. Biblesearch is a web site dedicated to encourage all individuals to search the Scriptures to find, believe, love and obey the Truth. To do this,we must compare our current beliefs with the Scriptures, always being willing to leave false beliefs and believe only the Truth.

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Some Bible classes that cover different Bible topics. Feel free to use these materials as you can in teaching the Bible. These classes include such topics as Divine authority and The Holy Spirit. 

The Truth is never fearful of investigation. Explore many Bible questions submitted by visitors to this site on a variety of different Bible topics. Please feel free to submit your bible questions by contacting us here. 

Various articles on different topics that challenge our thinking, encouraging all to search the Scriptures to learn and follow the Truth. To do this, we must always be willing to reject all human tradtions and theories that cannot be found in the Word of God. 

These are free Acrobat PDF files you can use in your teaching. They cover topics such as salvation, the Lord’s church and Old Testament history. 

If you are in the Brooklyn, NY area, you are welcome to visit with us to study the Bible and worship in spirit and in truth. We are an independent non-denominational local church of Christ that seeks to only follow the apostles’ teaching in how the church worships and works and in living the Christian life.