When a child is born into the world, what type or kind of spirit is there living within that body? Is it empty or undeveloped? Did God write His law on the hearts of man? 


I suppose you are asking what kind of soul does a baby have. Sometimes spirit and soul are used interchangeably. At other times “spirit” is used to refer to the life giving breath of man which God places in mankind at birth and when that breath is separated from the body it is called “death”. (Gen. 2:7; James 2:26; Ecc. 12:7) There are no “types” of souls (spirits) such as male and female or young and old. And it does not grow in size as we do physically. But in figurative language we are said to “grow spiritually” when we partake of “spiritual food”. Jesus is the “bread of life” (John 6:35, 48-51) and the “water of life” (John 4:7-24; Rev. 21:6). One must learn the spiritual lessons in the Word of God and apply them to our lives and thereby we learn to let our “inner man”, the soul or spirit, take control and not allow the “outer man”, the physical man, control our lives by allowing Satan to use the physical things of this universe to control us.

Under the old law, the Jews were physically born into the family of God and then had to be taught. Today we are first taught and then through obedience culminated in baptism we are born into the family of God. (Heb. 8:8-13).

By Danny Stanford