This lesson provides detailed Scriptures authorizing the work of individual Christians and local churches in edification, the work of spiritually building up one another by the Word of God. Many churches have mixed up the individual role with that of a local church. Many have also adopted unauthorized mehtods and types of edificaiton that focus on social activities rather than spiritual matters. We commonly refer to these errors as the social gospel providing entertainment and recreation to people and calling that edificaiton.

Main Points of This Class

What Is Edification?

The Individual Christian And Edification

  1. Influence world through teaching and example
  2. Teach and apply the Word in our families
  3. Work for the maturing of Christians

The Local Church And Edification

  1. Local church edification work authorized
  2. Who is responsible for edifying the local church?
  3. How is the local church to edify itself?

Who Is Responsible For Edifying The Local Church?

  1. Apostles and prophets
  2. Evangelists
  3. Pastors (elders)
  4. Teachers
  5. All saints

How Is The Local Church To Edify Itself?

  1. Source of all edification, the Bible
  2. Worship assemblies
  3. Organized Bible classes
  4. Discipline of rebellious members
  5. Special gospel meetings and classes
  6. Encourage members to be active in love and good works

Error of The Social Gospel

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By Gary Hunt