Microphones, pulpits, songbooks, church buildings, baptismal pools and many other things are not found mentioned in the New Testament. Do we violate God’s Word when we have any of these things? We claim these things are expedient,profitable in our judgment to carry out the work of a local church. Are we right in doing htis?

many others claim they do things expedientwhich clearly violate what is written in the Word of God. We study what expedience is and he principles that should guide us in making judgments about things not mentioned directly in the New Testament without violating His will.

Main Points of This Class

Things That Are Expedient

  1. What is expedient?
  2. What conditions make something expedient?
  3. Examples of expedients

What Conditions Make Something Expedient?

  1. Must be lawful
  2. Cannot be specified in New Testament
  3. Must edify (build up) local church in Word
  4. Must not offend conscience of weak brother

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By Gary Hunt

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