Why should anyone who is a “reasonable” person believe in God. Surely in our scientifically enlightened era, the concept of a Divine, Personal God who has created the world and executed a plan of salvation involving a dying savior for the sins of the world, is not even worth much practical evaluation and certainly inappropriate for such “modern”, “sophisticated” people to consider living our lives based upon such primitive ideas.

We live in an age where we are indebted to Science and its discoveries that have produced such inventions that have transformed our lives with tremendous conveniences, automation, transportation, medical technology and as I type these pages I am reminded of, yes, even the computer. How can it be with these advances given to us by scientific thinking and method that we could even consider living our lives as if we had to be obedient and loyal to an Unseen and Authoritative God? Can we really believe, with any measure of reason, that God has created all things (including us) and has revealed Himself in His Word, the Bible, so that we might know His purpose for us?

In these pages, we seek to provide some evidence as to why it is reasonable to believe in God. In fact, it is unreasonable not to believe in God. However, before going further, we must issue a warning: whether we believe in God or not, neither side can scientifically prove what they believe! That’s right, not even Science as great is it may be can, by strict scientific method, prove that there is or is no God. And, on the other hand, those of us who believe that God is, cannot prove directly that He does exist.

No matter what we believe, we must ALL go to indirect evidence to support our conclusions. That is, based upon what we see and know as we observe the universe, the nature of man, we draw conclusions. The question is, are these conclusions reasonable?

In another section of this site, we will look at the Bible and focus attention upon evidence that lead us to believe that it is the word of God. For now, we turn to things we can observe and give reasonable conclusions that lead us to conclude that there is a God.

Articles In This Section

Which Assumptions Do You Believe And Why Do You Believe Them?

Argument 1 The Cause and Effect Argument

Argument 2 The Design Argument

Argument 3 The Moral Argument

The Hope of Atheism

By Gary Hunt

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