What is this love and where does it come from? How can a person obtain this love? Is it the same kind of love that Christ talks about when He says to love ones enemies and to love God? 


The word “love” in 1 Cor. 13 refers to the highest form of love we can express for one another. It is from the Greek word “agape” which emphasizes unselfish, active good will toward another. It differs from the other words used by the Greeks that describe either patriotism, friendly affection and sexual interaction. It calls us to the highest form of behavior.

How do we obtain this type of love? We observe the example of God, especially that of Jesus dying on the cross, and we imitate this type of love. John 13:1-35, Eph. 5:1-2. Although there are sometimes exceptional examples of love that approaches this unselfish, sacrificial action, generally speaking, it can only be seen in its most consistent and perfect degree within God and the actions He displays toward us. Rom. 5:6-11.

By Gary Hunt