May 1, 2016

Jesus’ Parable of The Lost Son 2

Stunningly, one of the great accusations hurled against Jesus by the Pharisees and scribes was that He ate with and received tax colleters ans inners. Repeatedly Jesus rebuked them for their unloving hateful attitudes toward the penitent sinners who, unhlike them, trusted in the mercy of God rather than in their perfect law keeping. In Luke 15, He tells three parables condemning their sinful rejection of those who they considered unworthy of salvation. The most detailed of these and most beloved among His parables is the parable of the lost (or prodigal) son. The younger son represents the tax collecters and sinners who, after being lost in sin, repent and humbly goes home confessing his sins to his father and to God. The father in the parable represents the loving, watchful, merciful, rejoicing heavenly Father wo seeks for, rejoices over and welcomes all penitent sinners. Lastly the older son represents the Pharisess and scribes who sinfully rejected the so-called sinners who they felt did not deserve salvation. As Christians, we must always rejoice and welcome those who repent in becoming a Christian or being restored back to the Lord as a fallen Christian.

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