June 12, 2016 ()


Contrary to Jesus’ teaching on the high continual cost of being His disciple, many today wrongly teach that there is minimal cost to be paid by those who follow Jesus. If we say the Sinner’s prayer, they insist that we are instantly and miraculously saved. From that moment on, the Holy Spirit enables us to perfectly understand and obey the Word of God in such a way that we can never be lost once we have been saved. However, Jesus spoke of a continual daily cost where we must deny ourselves whatever relationships, desires and objects of our desires that would cause us to place loyalty above the Lord jesus. Are we willing to pay such a cost to follow Him? If so, we must be willing to set aside family relationships and anything else that would cause us to set aside our love for Him. Jesus tells two short parables stating clearly we must consider the high cost of discipleship and willingly choose to pay it. Paying th high cost begins when we believe in Jesus enough to repent of our sins, confess Him as the Son of God and be baptized for the forgiveness of our sins. Then, we continue to crucify ourselves and live for Him each day growing in His grace and knowledge to His glory. In the end, all is worth it with eternal glory awaiting for those who give up all to serve Him gladly now.

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