September 26, 2021

Make A Defense For The Hope That Is In You 2

Peter commands Christians to be ready to make a defense, reasoned argument, to everyone who asks us about the hope that is in us, our hope in Christ. What is this defense based on? With what attitudes are we to make this defense? Whether in peaceful times or when intensely persecuted, we must be ready to persuade others to become Christians so they may also be forgiven of sins, become like Jesus, worship and serve Him and have hope of eternal life. As we live differently from the world submitting to the gospel even when persecuted, some in the world are going to ask us why we are living the Christian life and have such hope in spite of our great trials. Are we ready to make a defense of our hope? Let us study how we can prepare to follow 1 Peter 3:15 to please God to His glory.

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