January 13, 2019

Marriage and Family 3 Marriage Divorce and Remarriage 1

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It is sad to day that many either are ignorant of or openly reject God’s Word on marriage. Divorce is common in our society along with remarriage. People have come to believe that they can easily end one marriage and enter into another without any spiritual consequences. But, God is the creator of humanity and marriage and is the only one who has the right to govern it. God intends for marriages to last for life. And, when men and women break marriages God has joined together by divorces that He hates, God has given restrictions that if we do not follow can cause us and others to be lost eternally. Who has the right to remarry after divorce? Who does God say does not have the right to remarry after divorce? Let us humbly earnestly and honestly search the Scriptures to find His truth and obey it to His glory.

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