Many sincerely teach that the Holy Spirit must act directly on the heart of the sinner in a ddition to God’s Word in order for him to be able to understand and believe the gospel. They teach that we are born in sin and because of our inherited sinful nature, we cannot understand or do anything about our salvation. Once, the Holy Spirit comes to whomever God chooses, then we are miraculouslously saved, never to be lost again. But, is this what the Scriptures teach? We believe the Holy Spirit convicts and converts sinners but He does so only through the gospel, God’s only power to save and change us. All who humbly choose to obey the gospel can be saved by His grace. We are not born guilty of sin and in spite of our sins we choose to commit, we can understand and obey the gospel of Christ. Let us contrast the false teachings of men with the Truth found in the Word of God.

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