November 6, 2016

The Nature and Work of The Holy Spirit 7 The Gift of The Holy Spirit 3

In Acts 2:38, Peter responded to the question asked by thousands on the day of Pentecost, what shall we do? They asked because they now believed Jesus, who they crucifed, was made Lord and Christ by God, who raised Him from the dead. Peter commanded them, not to say the sinner’s prayer to be saved but to repent and be baptized (immersed in water) in the name of Jesus for forgiveness of their sins and they would receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. But, what was that gift, was it the Holy Spirit Himself or a gift given by the Holy Spirit? So much controversy revolves around the question. If it was the Holy Spirit Himself, what does He do for Christians today? If it was a gift given by the Holy Spirit, what is that gift? Is the gift miraculous abilities or spiritual salvation or something else. Please humbly study with us form the Scriptures. Whatever the gift is, ti is promised in Acts:239 to all who would obey the gospel untile Jesus’ final coming.

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