February 26, 2017

Raising Godly Children v2 1

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For many years in the United States, Scriptural marriages and godly families have been under intense attack. Government, education and mass media have combined to corrupt the thinking of all, especially children to turn from God and Divine authority to idolatry and immorality. But, in His Word, we have revealed the nature and laws regarding Scriptural marriage in which God intends for godly loving parents to raise godly children who follow His will. We seek to encourage parents and all Christians to apply and stand for Bible principles concerning raising godly children, those who desire to please God above all. This can and must be done in spite of the decay of our culture so that God may be glorified and souls may be saved. In His Word, God has given us all we need to know in order to raise godly children, no matter how ungodly the world may be.

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