December 4, 2023

Romans BC2T The World Is Condemned By Sin 3

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In Romans 1:18-3:20 Paul makes the important point that the world is condemned by sin, showing why every sinner needs the gospel. The wrath of God will be executed by God against sin at the day of judgment to come. His Divine power and nature have been displayed through His Creation to all who will humbly and honestly observe His creation. The eternal all-powerful loving, just, merciful God, the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit, are behind Creation. But, instead of giving God thanks and worshipping Him, the Gentiles foolishly turned to their own wisdom producing idolatry and immorality which continues until today. The Jews who claim to follow the Law of Moses have violated causing their condemnation before God. Therefore all have chosen to sin and are condemned before God, in need of being saved by the gospel. If we would be saved instead of minimizing, redefining or deny our sins, we must acknowledged first we are sinners before God in need of Jesus, the Savior.

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