December 18, 2023

Romans BC3T Justified By Faith 1

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In Romans 3:21-4:25, Paul reveals the only way that humanity can be justified, freed from the guilt of sin. He has revealed previously that whether Jew or Gentile, all are condemned before God because of our sins, violations of God’s law. Therefore, we are helpless and hopeless to provide, by our own means, a way to be saved from our sins, from the Divine wrath to come In the last 11 verses of chapter 3, Paul reveals that by the gospel, we can be justified, freed from guilt, by faith in Jesus. But, how does this faith behave? What are the conditions, if any, that this faith must obey in order to be justified? Can these conditions include baptism, immersion in water in the name of Jesus, for the forgiveness of our sins? Do these conditions include the sinner’s prayer? Then, He gives Abraham as an example for both Jews and Gentiles of one who was justified by faith even before he was circumcised, revealing that the Jews, nor even anyone, can ever be justified by perfectly keeping the Law of Moses, or any other law. Let us study carefully what it means to be justified by faith in Jesus.

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