May 9, 2021

The Flesh Against The Spirit 2 Crucifying The Flesh And Bearing The Fruit of The Spirit 2

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To become a Christian, we must have faith in Jesus as the Son of God leading us to repent (change our minds) of our sins, confess Him as the Son of God before men and be baptized (immersed in water) in Jesus’ name (authority) for the forgiveness of our sins. But, after becoming a Christian, we must learn to think and live differently, crucifying )putting to death) the deeds of the flesh previously learned and practiced and bear )put on) the fruit of the Spirit, the Holy Spirit. This can only be done as our minds are being renewed by the gospel so that our character, over time, can be transformed in the image of Jesus. Practically speaking, what steps are involved in this transformation of character? Does it happen instantly and miraculously? Or, does it happen gradually over time as we learn and apply the powerful gospel to ourselves?

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