October 21, 2018

The Peace of Christ 2 Peace of Mind

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Many today, including some Christians, are beset with worry, anxiety, fear and guilt that greatly impact their daily lives. Excluding mental and other defects as reasons, often these negative things in our lives point to a problem with faith and trust in God. Jesus promises His disciples peace. Not having peace of mind subtracts greatly from a faithful and fruitful life in Christ. We can have this peace, harmony with God and calmness in ourselves, first by becoming a Christian through faith in Jesus that leads us to repent of our sins, confess Him as the Son of God and be baptized (immersed in water) for the forgiveness of our sins. Then, we can continue to receive this peace and develop it as a part of our new character by daily joyous trusting prayerful obedient faith in God. Not obsessing about things not under our control, we humbly serve and pray to God who can do all good things and always does what is best for His children each day.

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