What does the word “lust” mean? 


The word “lust” simply means desire, passionate longing or lust. It can either be a desire that is good or evil depending on its object and how it is fulfilled.

The word is translated in the NASB version as coveting, desire, desires, earnestly, impulses, long, lust, lusts, and lustful. Sometimes these are good and sometimes evil. What makes lust evil is the way that we intend
to fulfill, against the will of God, to our destruction and His dishonor. James 1:12-15.

As to looking in an evil way at a woman, yes, the Scriptures warn against that. Mt. 5:27-30. We are to have pure motives and actions toward all, including women and the sexual longing which is good in and of itself, is to be fulfilled in a loving marital relationship, not simply for our own selfish sinful gratification. Heb. 13:4.

By Gary Hunt