My question is can you define gossip? and what are different forms of gossip? and scriptures can I look at concerning this? 


1. Webster defines gossip as: (1) A person who habitually reveals personal or sensational facts. (2) A rumor or report of an intimate nature (3) A chatty talk.
2. Perhaps the basic idea would be to say something or reveal anything about another person that would hurt or harm that person. It is doubtful if anyone has not had this happen to them at some time.

The Bible is full of scriptures condemning this. What we need to understand is how to handle it when it happens to us.

Psa 109 A Psalm of David
1. David asked, “God, Why don’t you do something? Don’t you see what all of mine enemies have done to me? They have slandered me, reproached me undeservingly. They have lied about me. They have accused me of things that were not true. Their words are full of hate. Every where I turn I encounter these slanderous reports. But I have done nothing to deserve this. Everything I have done was always out of love for them and look how they treat me. I have constantly prayed on their behalf. Yet they render evil for good and hatred for love. ”

2. He further pours out his heart to God: “I just wish the same could be done to them. I wish someone would treat them the way they have treated me, without regard for justice, truth and doing right. Just let someone they have trusted in, who has been their counselor and advisor, turn against them. Maybe then they will see how it feels. Or let them be brought to justice and be condemned. Then, Lord, turn thy face from hearing their prayers. Let them feel how it feels to be without God. I wish they were dead and someone else could take their place. Let their families see what it’s like to be destitute and there be none to extend mercy or show them a favor, because they persecuted the poor and needy. They continually delighted in mistreating others, let others constantly do the same to them. (Seems after David said all this and got it off his chest, he realized, even if all this did happen to them, what would it benefit him? What he needed was God to help him deal with his problem.)

3. What he needed was for God to intercede for him. Not for his own happiness, but that God might be honored and glorified. (1)He wanted God to extend mercy to him that he might be able to endure these trials. (2) Because he realized he was completely helpless. (3) That others might see such a change in his life and attitude toward his enemies, that God might be glorified. (4) Let them do whatever they will. God will turn their curses into a blessing for him. (5) They should be ashamed of themselves, but whether or not they are, he would give praise to God because of His faithfulness.

Matthew 5: The Beattitudes
1. This is the very attitude of the Beattitudes. “Blessed are the poor in spirit.” Until one sees that he is spiritually bankrupt and in need of God help, God can not help him. “Blessed are they that mourn.” Then we must see in as God sees sin. “Blessed are the meek.” Means that we seek only the best for others. And we can only do that when we realize that back of ugly attitudes is sin. We will overlook how these things might make us feel, by concentrating on the fact that they stand condemned because of their attitudes. By our change of attitude they might be made ashamed. And on through the Beattitudes until Jesus says “Blessed are they that are persecuted for righteous sake…” The faithful have always been hated. But those that learn to trust God in fulfilling his promise to see us through these trial, we can become “light” and “salt”. Let others gossip, say what they will. God has promised to turn those curses into a blessing and the ultimate blessing will be eternal life where there will be no more sin.

By Danny Stanford

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